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YOU have a story to tell, a moment in time to capture and memories to keep and I want to help you do all of that! And I take that as such a special and honorable task. Your story is SO special. I want to get to know YOU. I want to hear the entire love story and freakout with you on how you fell in love. I want to hear ALL of it! How you met, how you started dating, how he proposed, what you LOVE about each other - even down to what your favorite show is to binge watch together on Netflix. 

That being said - I want to be your FRIEND!!! I don’t want to just show up as another vendor on your wedding day. I want to be there for everything. I want you to feel like I am an extra bridesmaid. I want to be there every step of the way from freaking out with you over wedding colors to helping you get ready on the day of. I won’t just take pictures, I will hold shoes and bouquets, I will help with hair and fix makeup when it smudges. I do wedding photography because I LOVE it. I love capturing YOUR love. And I want to celebrate my FRIENDS all day long.

If you just want a photographer to stand there and snap the traditional wedding photos, I’m not your girl. But if you want adventure, you don’t mind getting dirty and you want those in between moments that capture who YOU are - I definitely am. I believe in the messy, candid REAL moments, the un-planned un-posed memories. Because I want to capture how you FEEL. I want to capture how absolutely in love you are with the wind in your hair, maybe some mud on your feet and all the love you could ever imagine crammed into one photo. If your’e screaming “HECK YES” then click below and let’s DO THIS.


Small Elopement (4 Hours) // $1800

Elopement (6 Hours) // $2300

Intimate Wedding (8 Hours) // $2800

Full Wedding (10 Hours) // $3300

**Check my Travel Schedule Below for Travel Dates!!

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1 Hour Couple Session // $425

2 Hour Couple Session // $725

**Check my Travel Schedule Below for Travel Dates!!

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2019 Travel Schedule 

September 13th-15th// Auburn, IN

October 7th-13th // Portland, OR

October 14th-16th // Seattle, WA

December 28th-30th // Tampa, FL

June 17th-23rd // Portland, OR

*more to come*

 **  If you book a session with me in a location I'm already traveling to, then you will NOT have to pay any travel expenses! So you ready? Let's go adventuring together. 





"We LOVE Meg and her work! She was referred to us by some friends to photograph our wedding and we are so grateful for her. From the first time we contacted her, she set herself apart from any other photographer we had contacted, as she was most interested in getting to know us personally before ever even mentioning her work. We were blown away be her. She is professional and creative, and her work is absolutely beautiful. She has an uncanny ability to capture real moments and translate the essence of those moments into lasting memories. Aside from her talent in photography, she is simply a lovely person. She treats her clients like family and gives back a portion of her profits to charity and ministries she supports. We loved having Meg a part of our engagement and wedding and would absolutely refer her to others. Our pictures turned out beautifully and we gained a friend."


“Meg was everything we could’ve ever asked for. Not only did she do an AMAZING job taking our pictures through your ceremony and reception, she had fun doing it. Her personality and her positive attitude made every one  feel so involved and she immediately became part of our family. I can’t count how many times I had someone come up to me and compliment me about Meg. EVERYONE could tell that she loves what she does and it definitely showed through her work. I can’t praise this woman enough for how great our pictures turned out. She is everything you need in a photographer.”


“Having Meg with us throughout our big day was such a blessing. Not once did I question that our photos were in good hands, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to not have a worry about whether your photographer is getting every daydream-induced photo you’ve thought of. When my husband and I received our photos a few weeks later, we were over the moon. Que instant tears, from BOTH of us! The love documented was palpable, and you don’t get that result just from pointing a camera and clicking a button. It’s truly the person behind the camera that creates the art, and that’s exactly what Meg does, she creates absolutely beautiful art. I know that years from now, looking at these photos will take us right back to all those special moments – the small, quiet moments while getting ready and the big, loud  moments of our grand exit. I will feel the nerves and excitement as my mother and sister put me into my dress. I will feel my husband’s eyes on me as I walked down the aisle towards him. I will feel our first kiss as husband and wife all over again. We will feel all that love as if we went back in time to that special day, and we have Meg and her photography to thank for all of that!”


“From the very beginning of wedding planning Meg was such a blessing to work with. Months before my wedding as I was going crazy with planning and going through potential scheduling for the wedding, Meg was there on the other end of the line offering advice. She really helped calm the nerves that were beginning to form at an early stage of planning. Even through a time crunch, she was able to make us laugh and keep us calm. She went along with every crazy photo op idea that we had, and was there having fun and laughing with us. Really, it felt just like having a friend there with us taking our pictures. After the wedding, we received our photos faster than anticipated. Our jaws were dropped as we started looking through the pictures, as they were more beautiful than we could have imagined. I encourage anyone considering Meg as a wedding photographer to book her, you will not be disappointed.”




“My husband and I agree that of everything we planned for our wedding, we are the most thankful that we discovered Meg. From the very beginning when we were emailing back and forth to chat and plan engagement photos, she made us feel incredibly comfortable and even excited! Instantly we became friends! Without her, we honestly feel like things would not have run so smoothly! And, let me tell you, every photo that she took of our big day was PERFECT. She has given us beautiful photos that hold sweet memories that we will cherish forever.”