Pam + Anthony Royal Palms Wedding | Scottsdale, Arizona | Arizona Destination Wedding Photographer


Anthony and Pam met in Dallas at a sales conference for work after a TON of people had told Pam she needed to meet Anthony. Little did she know that when she did, she would be meeting her future husband.

 It was Pam’s first work conference, so she was trying to be as professional as possible. She was chatting with a group of her coworkers outside, when a random gentleman tapped her friend on the shoulder to tell him that it was time to find a seat in the auditorium (completely interrupting Pam). She thought this random guy was super rude for interrupting their convo, until he reached out his hand to introduce himself. She then did a double take, realizing THIS was THE Anthony Mascolo everyone had told her she HAD to meet.

She played it cool, introduced herself, and then parted ways (for what she thought would be for good). However, during the entire 3-day conference, Anthony always seemed to be within arm’s reach of her. On the final evening of the conference, everyone was gathered for dinner and drinks when Anthony decided it was time to make his move. He repeatedly attempted to strike up conversation with Pam that night, but she wasn't having it. (She obviously had to play it cool bc it was her first conference). In the end, he was successful, and he got Pam’s number.

[This is my favorite part of the entire story. When I read it the first time, my jaw literally dropped.]

On Wednesday, March 9th, just SIX days after the conference, Anthony texted Pam the following; "I'm buying you a plane ticket to come to Arizona tomorrow!"


After a few glasses of champagne and some convincing from a mutual friend, she decided to go. They spent an amazing weekend in Scottsdale, and as you know… the rest is history!

Pam ended up moving from good ole Texas and they had their wedding in the most classic, romantic resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Resort had countless courtyards, palm trees, and breathtaking cacti in every corner and the red wash walls gave it a classic Tuscany feel. The entire thing felt like an Italian Fairytale. Family flew in from all over to celebrate the marriage of these two love birds.

The day began in a breathtaking suite in the middle of the resort, before we were all shuttled to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church. The Catholic Ceremony was timeless and oh soclassy. From there we took our PARTY BUS back to Royal Palms Resort and Spa for the most breathtaking and magical Reception I have ever seen. 

From running around to the countless different courtyards, to photographing an intimate kiss in front of the iconic blue door in the front of the venue, Pam and Anthony let me create the most timeless memories for them. The celebration continued into an elegant cocktail out on the terrace complete with live poolside music and absolutely breathtaking pieces from the talented Olive + Rust Co. The small details added such a classy look that I could not get over.

THEN WE PARTIED. Y’all I am a HUGE fan of destination weddings because when your guests fly in to celebrate you – THEY DO NOT HOLD BACK. We danced the night away to the point that I wasn’t ready to leave once the night was done. Complete with an incredible live jazz band, elegant dinner and cigars on the back patio – this reception had the most romantic and classical vibe ever. If you don’t believe me then keep scrolling to see how absolutely BREATHTAKING Pam and Anthony’s entire day was.

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